Exclusive Registration
Only for your Organisation

The Cycling Fantasy is not inxeded on search engines and users are required to sign-in. All your employees need to register first. You can also organise a public fantasy.

Individual Ranking
Compete with Everybody

Every employee competes as individual with everyboy. There can only be one winner.

Department Ranking
Compete with your department

Every employee will compete with his or her department to become the best department of the company.

Automatic Updates
After every match

The Cycling Fantasy will be updated automatically after every match, you don't have to do anything.

Your Identity
Upload your logo and colors

You can customise the fantasy to your own brand logo. The navbar will be styled with your brand color.

Responsive web design
Works on all devices

The website has been optimized to work on all devices. This simply means that you can access the website via mobile, tablet, laptop or large screen. No app install is required.

Out-of-the-box API
Integrate on your environment

You can retrieve and display the match results and the rankings on your own website or internal network via the API. The API is json-based.

More awesomeness ...
More features means more fun

  • Chat / A closed chat room only for your employees.
  • Prizes / You define your own prizes and are able to setup the prizes page.
  • Rules / These are pre-defined. It has been made as simple as possible for everybody to understand and compete.
  • Multiple Languages / The Cycling Fantasy is available in English, Dutch or Italian (other languages are possible).
  • Statistics / Awesome graphs of all group and knockout machtes.